A map of Araluen.

is an island nation west of the Continent. It is clearly based on Medieval England.

The head-protagonist of The Brotherband Chronicles, Hal, is half-Araluen.


Araluen is an island of the coast of the Continent. In the north it borders to Picta, and in the south to Celtica. It is also close to Hibernia. Araluen is separated from Gallica and Sonderland by the Narrow Sea.

In the northern and the western parts of the nation, winters can be very cold. Araluen is covered in forests and plains, and is also home to a mountain range in the south.


Modern Araluen was established one hundred and fifty years ago, when King Herbert drove the tribal Scotti out of Araluen and back to Picta. After that, he organized the country in fifty fiefs, each ruled by a Baron. He founded the Ranger Corps, the King's intelligence force, and assigned one Ranger to every fief. 

Through history, cities on the eastern coast have been plundered by the Wolfships from Skandia; this stopped after the Battle for Skandia and the signing of the Treaty of Hallasholm.


Araluen is divided up in fifty fiefs, who all control themselves but have to send soldiers to the Araluen Army when the country is at war. The King rules the whole of Araluen. The current ruler is King Duncan, who rules since 628 Common Era. He has one daughter, [1], and he rules from Castle Araluen, in the fief with the same name. 

After Morgarath was defeated in the First Araluan Civil War, Gorlan Fief was ceased and merged with Araluen Fief, so theoretically there are only forty-nine fiefs. 


Every fief has a Battleschool. Here are knights and soldiers trained. The Araluen Army and the Temujai are the only armies that use longbow-archers en masse in their armies; looking at the giant empire the Temujai conquered, archers are very useful.


With the Treaty of Hallasholm in place, Skandia and Araluen are allied. It is also mentioned that Araluen has a Mutual Defense Agreement with Celtica, a treaty with Arrida and a Trade Agreement with Teutlandt, along with several other countries. Araluen also has an Iberian Ambassador.

Araluen seems to be a growing power on the Continent.

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