Arrida is a dry, desert-like land. It is home to the Arridi. It is probably based on Morocco or another North-African country, like Tunisia or Libya.


Arrida consists out of the mainland and a large peninsula. The large harbour-city of Al Shabah is located at the tip of that peninsula and the capital, Mararoc, at its root. To the west lies the Endless Ocean, with the Southwest Islands a bit south of the peninsula. In the north lies the Constant Sea and a stroke of land that connects Arrida to Toscano. In the north-east lies the Sea of Rostov, and in the east lie the lands controlled by the Temujai. In the south-east lies the Sea of Blood, and in the south the Impassable Desert. 


Not much is known about the history of Arrida, other than the fact that the Arridi invented coffee (Kafay).

In the past, coastal cities were sometimes plundered by Wolfships.



  • Arridi: the majority. Most of them live in cities and villages near the coast.
  • Bedullin: nomadic tribes who travel around between oasises in the desert.
  • Tualaghi: bandits who live deep in the desert and plunder villages and caravans. They're lead by Iqbal]] brother of Yusal]] the soul antagonist of Scorpion Mountain who is out to kill Cssandra to avenge his brother.
  • Scorpian Cult: assasins who live in caves and tunnels underneath Scorpian Mt. They beleive in Imrika the godess of death and killing.


The ruler of Arrida is called the Emrikir, but the provinces are ruled by Wakirs (barons). The Emrikir rules from the capital of Mararoc.


The Arridi believe in one head-god and a lot of other smaller gods, who are also often called demons and devils. The desert-striding Tualaghi honour those demons as gods. 

All the religious festivities of the Arridi are on the Seventh Day. The Sixth Day there usually are markets held in the cities. 


Arrida has a treaty with Araluen, but it is unknown to what degree this treaty is. It also has a treaty with Skandia

Arrida has Trade Delegations with Toscano and is also a member of the Silisian Council.

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