• Heitor Mikkelson

    Hello guys! All good? I wait so! Well, today i'm here to talk about the positions of the Herons! So lets go!

    Hal Mikkelson-Skirl

    Stig Olafson-Second master and fighter

    Ulf and Wulf-sailboats

    Ingvar-Swat fighter



    Jesper-Leak specialist





    That is all, so bye-bye!

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  • KhanTonto

    Though I am a native of the Ranger's Apprentice wiki, I have come over to this one to inform you all that I am beginning an RPG: Enjoy!

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  • Epic robotic awesomeness

    A wiki is like a bank of knowledge for people to learn from. It this case, we want to inform people about the Brotherband Chronicles! I have noticed that on the wiki pages about the books, the sections titled "Plot" are sadly lacking information and are not complete. I have been contributing to the plots to help solve the problem but, I can't do this alone. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Epic robotic awesomeness

    Ok, how do you take an article out of an category. I'm wondering that because I posted a picture in the Mihaly page and it looks weird sitting in the category "Articles without images" category. Let me know if you know how to take an article out of an category. Thanks 😄

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  • GeertHam

    Hey everybody

    January 17, 2013 by GeertHam

    Hey! Just a post to say I am doing fine. How are you all?   :^)

    I am working on the pages of countries and stuff, would someone wants to help me? Just take the information of the Ranger's Apprentice wiki and type it over. Thanks.

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  • Rikkerd1709

    Brotherband wiki

    January 7, 2013 by Rikkerd1709

    Today I've been editing mainly Brotherband articles on the RA wiki, then I heard all the pages were moved to this wiki xD

    Not that it matters much, I will just try and help this wiki as much as the RA wiki ;)

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  • Falcon31

    Two Down, One to Go...

    January 2, 2013 by Falcon31

    Well, my local library finally got in the Outcasts and the Invaders a couple of weeks ago and I got a teeny bit over-excited (to say the least)....

    I'm now reading them for the third time and still love them as much as I did the first time I read them which testifies to John Flanagan's amazing writing skills.  The characters all seem very real, having weaknesses and strengths.  Hal with his leadership and inventive skills yet having a tendancy to overlook small, yet vital things and Stig with his awesome fighting talent yet having a fiery temper; it makes them more "Human".

    I was delighted in the second book when a new character was introducted: Lydia!  I love her character, her atlatl and inner strength (I like the hardcore female character…

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  • GeertHam

    Nice wiki

    January 2, 2013 by GeertHam

    Hey y'all! I am new on this wiki, but I have already worked at the Ranger's Apprentice wiki. I hope this wiki will be as much fun as that!

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  • Falcon31

    Sooooo looking forward to the release of the first book which is due soon...the only drawback is I have to wait a while before I can buy it :( But then, I suppose I'll appreciate it all the more for waiting XD

    The book trailer looks awesome!!!! (If you can't get it up, search for "Brotherband Trailer" on Youtube or go to the Ranger's Apprentice facebook page).

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