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Hal is the leader of the Heron brotherband.

When young Skandians are about to be initated into the Skandian society as young warriors they first need to pass thourgh a series of tests.

They pass (or fail) these tests in groups of several boys, known as Brotherbands. One is the skirl, or captain of the ship and the others take a position below him.

Notable Brotherbands in the series are the Herons and the Sharks.

Brotherband Training

Main article: Brotherband Training

List of Brotherbands

This is a list of brotherbands and all their known members which appear throughout the series.

  • The Herons: Hal, Stig, Edvin, Ingvar, Wulf, Ulf, Stefan, and Jesper
  • The Wolves: Rollond, Dell, Anton, Henjak, Bjorn, other unnamed recruits
  • The Sharks: Tursgud, Knut, Dominic, other unnamed recruits

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