A map of Gallica.

The Kingdom of Gallica
, or simply Gallica, is a large country on the Continent. It borders to Teutlandt, Alpina, Toscano and Iberion. It is presumeably based on France and the Low Countries, for the Romans called these areas Gallica or Gallia. However, it can also be based on the Frankish Empire, as it also ruled a large part of Germany and it existed around the date the Ranger's Apprentice Series and the Brotherband Chronicles happened. 


Gallica touches the Narrow Sea in the west, the Stormwhite Sea in the north and the Constant Sea in the south.

The north is mainly flat, but the south is hilly. Because Araluen prevents the cold winds from the Endless Ocean from going to Gallica, Gallica has a wide variety of crops and wildlife. Gallica also has a lot of forests. 


Not much is known about the history of Gallica. At one point, it was a respectable and unified nation such as Araluen or Skandia, but internal struggles led to its dismise.Its army became so weak that the Temujai were said to have conquered the large nation in several weeks, before retreating back to the Eastern Steppes

During the chaos caused by the retreat of the Temujai, many Gallican nobles seized semi-independence. They were still part of the Kingdom of Gallica, but ruled their own fiefdoms and duchies like warlords. 

Gallica has also always been a target of Skandian raids.


Gallica is officially ruled by a king, King Henri, but as previously stated the nobles rule their fiefs like warlords. However, the king still sends emissaries to other countries in his name, and he still controls a part of land in the south of Gallica next to the Constant Sea. 

The rest of Gallica is a lawless anarchy. Knights guard crossroads and bridges, charging peasants and travelers a toll. They force peasants to build strongholds and castles for them, and constantly fight each other. 


The Gallican culture is most known for its good food and the beautiful language, which is popular among nobles from other countries. Gallican cooks are a much wanted export-resource. 

The Gallican language is just French with a slight twist. 

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