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Spoiler Alert!

Warning! This page contains spoilers for The Slaves of Socorro.


Gilan is an Araluen Ranger and former apprentice to Halt O'Carrick. While the average ranger has to be skilled in the dual saxe knife defense, Gilan is also very skilled with a sword. Gilan is the son of Araluen's finest battlemaster, Sir David. He trained under MacNeil; one of the best swordsmen in Araluen; from an early age. He was a good swordsman by the time he was chosen by Halt to become a Ranger, and was allowed to continue his training. Among the other Ranger qualities, Gilan is very proficient in the art of unseen movement.


The Slaves of Socorro

In Book 4, The Herons help Gilan rescue twelve Araluen slaves captured by Tursgud.

Scorpion Mountain

In Book 5, Gilan and The Herons travel to Arrida to settle a death vow against Princess Cassandra.

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