A map of Iberion.

 is a country on the continent. It is probably based on the Iberian Peninsula.

It is only connected to the Continent by Gallica, and the northern regions have to endure attacks from Gallican landlords every once in a while. The coastal towns are also subject to Skandian raids.


Two towns in Iberion are mentioned in The Outcasts:

  • Alto Bosque: A unimportant market town built on a high wooded hill.
  • Santa SebillaA smaller town than Alto Bosque ten kilometers to the north. It is a center of fine craftmanship and designed out of gold and precious stones. The town held a small militia force. It is also the town where Hal's father died.


  • Trade: Iberion has a lucky position at the beginning of the Constant Sea, because all of the trade ships to Toscano and Arrida have to pass by. 
  • Piracy: Some Iberionians become pirates, roaming the Constant Sea like the Skandians roam the Stormwhite Sea.

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