A map of Picta.

is a country north of Araluen. It is probably based on Medieval Scotland.


To the north of Picta is the Frozen Sea, to the west the Endless Ocean and to the east the Narrow Sea. There is a mountainrange on the border with Araluen, and in the north are vast highlands.

Picta is a cold and bitter place, and the northern regions are always frozen. Most of its inhabitants therefore live in the south and east.



The inhabitants of Picta are the Scotti. They wear kilts and paint their faces with blue paint. They are used to sleeping outdoors and fight with huge broadswords.


There is no real centralised government in Picta, but the country is divided in three clans (MacFrewin, MacHaddish, MacKentick). A Warlord is the senior leader of such a clan and has ultimate control, while the General is the military leader of a clan. Most of the time, the clans live together in peace.


The Scotti believe in many demons and spirits, one of them a dark demon called Serthrek'nish, who can only be kept in bay with a ring of ash. He is called the Shredder of bodies and renderer of limbs... the red-fanged destroyer of men.

Relations with other countries

The relations with Araluen, its neighbor, is not so good. For years, the clans always unsuccessfully attempt to invade the fief of Norgate.

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