A map of Skandia.

Skandia is one of the many countries featured in the world of the Ranger's Apprentice and The Brotherband Chronicles. It is the homeland of the protagonists of the Brotherband Chronicles.


Skandia appears to be based on Scandinavia. In the east it borders to the great Alpinian Mountain-range, which separates it from the rest of the Continent, and in the south to the Stormwhite Sea. In the north lies the Frozen Sea, and in the west the street that separates Skandia from Sonderland. In the Stormwhite Sea also lies the island of Skorghijl, which is also under Skandian control.

The south of Skandia consists out of hills, but the north out of pine forests.



The inhabitants of Skandia are Skandians. They are often large, blond, and grow long beards. They use their wolfships to plunder other countries coastal cities and steal their possessions. When battleing, they usually use no tactics and just run towards the enemy and fight.


In the Skandian government, the skirls, or captains, of the wolfships hold small influence over politics. They can grow in rank to Jarl, meaning nobleman. The Oberjarl, Lord of all Captains, rules from the nation's capital of Hallasholm. If the Oberjarl dies, all of the Jarls elect another Jarl as the new Oberjarl. It is therefore an elective monarchy. The advisor of the Oberjarl is called the Hilfmann.

The skirls are relatively free and can most of the time do what they want, but they did swear allegiance to the Oberjarl and the other Jarls.


The Skandians believe in the Vallas and hundreds of other gods and demi-gods, each of them controlling a specific aspect of the world. They also believe that a warrior can only go to heaven when he dies with his weapon in his hands.


In the past, the Skandia has had several conflicts with the Kingdom of Araluen. This was because the Skandians often plundered the Araluen coastline and also the coastlines of Gallica, TeutlandtIberion and even Arrida in the far south.

Skandia also fought in a war with the Temujai, who tried to conquer the Skandian Peninsula as a stepping stone to Araluen. Luckily, the Skandians could defeat them with the help of some Araluans. Shortly after that, the Treaty of Hallasholm was signed. This treaty decleared the peace between Araluen and Skandia. This was also around the time when Erak was elected Oberjarl.

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