Skorghijl is a small island in the middle of the Stormwhite Sea. It is often visited by Skandian Wolfships on their way to or from Hallasholm that spend the wintermonths on the island. Their crews have build some huts on the island for protection during the winter.  


Skorghijl is a large, barren rock in the middle of the Stormwhite Sea, far away from other landmasses. Most of the island is wet and frozen, including the high cliffs. It is said that not even a single blade of grass grows on Skorghijl, but that could also be an exaggeration. 


  • Skorghijl is possibly based on Gotland or Bornholm, two islands in the Baltic Sea that where often visited by sailors who had to repair their boats or wanted to stop for the winter. 
  • As trees don't grow on Skorghijl, the Skandians probably made their huts of driftwood. 

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