Do you ever shut up?

Svengal is the current skirl aboard the Wolfwind.  He appears in the Outcasts, and played a prominent role in The Invaders.

  • Svengal also appears in John Flanagan's other famous series Ranger's Apprentice along with Erak he appears in books The Burning Bridge, The Icebound Land, Oakleaf Bearers, and Eraks Ransom.


Svengal was first mate on the Wolfwind, when Erak was skirl on it in the days before he became Oberjarl. Both knew, and were good friends with, Mikkel and Thorn, as they served on it alongside them, and both felt the loss of them as crew members keenly.

Svengal first appears in book one as the cheerful skirl of Wolfwind. As Hal starts with his Brotherband training he's very supportive.



Svengal is a kind person. He is always in for small talk, even though this can be annoying; he always has comments on hand. He is also fond of invoking his most-nonexistent aunts to illustrate his point.

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