Araluen Sword

A sword is a weapon from The Brotherband Chronicles, but it also exists in real life. It is one of the few weapons which is only used for fighting and can't be used as a tool. During his time in Nihon-Ja, Horace had to substitute his Araluen sword for a Katana when he lost his normal sword. A friend of his had a replica made of his sword that was much harder and was made by the same techniques used by the rangers. Horace now has one of the hardest swords in Araluen. 


A sword basically exists out of a short, strong piece of wood known as the hilt with a large iron or steel blade on it.  

Kinds of swords


  • Broadsword
  • Shortsword

Not Araluen

  • Gladius. This is a short, double sided sword. It is mostly used by the Toscanan Centuries and the Iberian soldiers. 
  • Skandian sword. A medium-sized sword used by Skandians, Sonderlanders and Teutons. They are recognizable by their large pommel. 
  • Scimitar. A medium-sized sword with a curved blade. It is mostly used by the Arridi. The Temujai also use a variant kind of sword. 
  • Takoba. This is a short sword with a rectangular cross-guard and a diamond-shaped pommel. It is used by the Tualaghi, Bedullin and other desert tribes. 
  • Katana. A medium-sized or long Nihon-Jan sword. It is slightly curved with a round cross-guard. The warrior-class of the Senshi are the only ones who can carry it. 
  • Wakizashi. A small Nihon-Jan sword, handy for indoor fighting. Because of its length it is allowed for merchants to carry it. 

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