A map of Teutlandt.

Teutlandt is a country on the Continent. It is probably based on Medieval Germany, Austria, Poland, or Prussia.


Teutlandts western border is the Stormwhite Sea. Its northern and eastern borders are made up by the Alpinan Mountainrange. Teutlandt also borders Alpina in the east, Gallica in the south and Skandia in the north.


Not much is known about the history of Teutlandt. It was at one point invaded by the Temujai, but when the Sha'Shan (leader of leaders) died, the generals left to their homeland in hopes of becoming the new leader. After that, chaos broke out and using guerrilla attacks, Teutlandt became independent again.


It is not know what kind of a ruler rules Teutlandt, but it is known that almost nobody obeys him. Teutlandt is described to be as Gallica, but worse. 

Most of the country is split up between warlords who distrust each other and rule their lands as tyrants. 


It is likely that there is no official Teuton Army, but the cities may have local militias. The castles of the lords themselves do however have garrisons.

From what is known via the Temujai invasion, it seems that the Temujai met little to no resistance in their invasion of the small country. 


Because of the weak government, they probably have a weak and uncentralised economy. Warlords trade among themselves and also individually trade with foreign countries.

Teutlandt does, however, have Trade Delegations with Araluen and is a member of the Silisian Council.

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