The Ghostfaces
The ghostfaces cover
Author John Flanagan
Published by Random House (AUS, NZ) and Philomel (US)
Publication Order
Preceded by
Scorpion Mountain
Followed by


"The Brotherband saga continues with an adventure set in a previously undiscovered land.

The Heron is completing a diplomatic mission to Hibernia when she is caught in a massive storm blowing from the north east. Hal’s only choice is to run before the wind and the ship is blown far, far out into the empty wastes of the Endless Ocean.

When the storm finally ceases, they are in completely unfamiliar waters, hundreds of miles from Hibernia, and with the wind still steady from the north east.

Unable to sail back the way they had come, Hal has no choice but to go with the wind and hope they’ll find land. Food and water are low and the crew are dispirited and listless, facing up the fact that they will die out here without ever sighting land again.

Then a seabird leads them west and they come up against a long and mysterious coastline. Finding a sheltered bay, they beach the ship and make camp. Food and water are in plentiful supply and before long, they make contact with the local inhabitants – a peaceful tribe called the Mawagansett.

After the Herons save two of the Mawagansett children from a huge, marauding bear, the friendship is sealed and all seems well. They even find an old Skandian seawolf, whose ship was wrecked off the coast many years previously.

And one of the crew falls in love with a beautiful Mawagansett maiden.

But trouble is brewing, in the shape of the Ghostfaces – a tribe of ruthless warriors who have been raiding the Mawagansett lands for years and have now returned. The Herons join their new friends, bringing their more sophisticated weaponry and Hal’s ability to devise new tactics to the battle. In a climactic battle scene, Thorn, Lydia and Stig lead the tribe on land, while Hal and the twins launch the Heron and take on a fleet of Ghostface canoes.

As ever the tale is full of action, humour and great characters. There’s sadness too, as an old friend dies and one of the crew has his heart broken. And learns how the Brotherband looks after its own."

- John Flanagan

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